The Otherlands

The Otherlands is a retro-styled action/adventure fantasy role-playing game. It is currently in development (and likely will be for a long time yet!).


Nov 12, 2021 — We have a website! There's not a lot here yet, but at last there's a place online for the Otherlands. We'll post more soon.


Title Screen Character Designer Falling Through the Portal Arrival in the Otherlands
Shoreline of the Infinite Ocean Chopping Down a Tree Inventory Screen, with Some Rare Items Crafting Screen


What kind of game is The Otherlands?

Anne Walking

The Otherlands is top-down single-player action/adventure fantasy RPG, with a complex storyline full of magic and monsters and villages and dungeons, built on a brand-new modern game engine, but with retro 16-bit-style artwork.

What’s it like?

Emily’s Sword

It’s heavily inspired by Zelda: Link to the Past — but also it’s open-world, craftable, and procedurally-generated, like Minecraft — and it has a home-building vibe like Stardew Valley, and tight gameplay controls that owe more to Secret of Mana and Super Mario Bros than to anything else.

In short, it’s not quite like anything we’ve played, but it feels really good.

Who’s developing it?

It’s a passion project right now, but someday, HalfMaid Games just might be more than that. We are:

  • Sean W. – Game design, story, programming, & artwork
  • Ben P. – Music & sound effects

What game engine does it use?

Fairy flying

It’s our own unique engine. It’s mostly C#, with some C++, and some Lua scripting. It uses OpenGL and OpenAL for graphics and audio, via OpenTK.

What can I play it on?

Shroomer Attack

Currently, Windows PCs. Someday maybe: Linux, MacOS, and consoles. We’re also huge fans of the Nintendo Switch, and would love to someday port it to a Nintendo platform.

What about network play?

Network play is not a planned feature at this time.

What’s the story?

At the bottom of all realities, at the center of the Infinite Ocean, there lies an island of debris, lost and forgotten, fallen from the worlds above: The Otherlands.

A few of the free peoples, themselves lost and fallen from the worlds above, have eked out a meager existence in the Otherlands. But for millennia, the unbroken line of Dark Wizards have conquered and conquered and conquered again this forsaken island, leaving little in their wake but monsters, sorrow, and destruction.

And then one day, someone fell to the Otherlands, someone who would change everything...

What are the hardware requirements?

These are the current minimum specs:

Lizzer Run

  • Windows 7+
  • Any decent Intel or AMD x64 CPU made after 2010
  • Any decent mid-grade GPU made after 2010
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB of free disk space
  • Widescreen monitor recommended
  • Gamepad recommended

In short, the Otherlands is designed to run well on most hardware you can throw at it.

How do I learn more?

There’s not a lot more content right now that we’re willing to share than what you see here. More will be coming in time.

When will it be released?

When it’s done, and not a minute sooner.

How can I get a copy?

Right now, you can’t. Sorry.